Easy, Beautiful Selling with the Etsy WordPress Plugin

The Etsy Pro Plugin – for WordPress

Get the look and functionality of a shopping cart without the hassle.

Etsy Pro Plugin for WordPress Easy Setup

Etsy Pro WordPress Plugin ShowcaseAs an Etsy seller, you know you need your own website independent of Etsy.com, but the transition is hard.

Selling from your WordPress website, in addition to your Etsy shop, is a lot of work. First, you have to figure out how to set up shopping cart software. Then you have to fill in all the product information. Then you have to keep your stock up-to-date.

That’s where the Etsy Pro WordPress plugin can help you.

Etsy Pro streams your Etsy shop— all of your listings, product photos, descriptions, and even shipping tables— onto your WordPress website.

It takes minutes to install and updates automatically as you make changes to your Etsy shop.

“Hey Stephanie I just wanted to thank you for this plug in, I didn’t bother entering the contest, I went immediately to your site to get it, a perfect solution for me, I didn’t need to worry about payment processing or storefronts that worked with my theme… Another benefit was that I can maintain etsy and my store at the same time! Hooray!”

–Trezlie, @TrezlieBrooks

“Thank you so much because this is just what I needed for my Etsy store. I am using Etsy Mini on my website, but I’d much rather have this. It’s like you read my mind with this. I’m so excited to get going.”


Etsy Pro is REMARKABLE!!!!! I feel as if I didn’t pay enough!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

–Jill, @IndaloGallery

What it does

There are many plugins that will simply display Etsy listings on your WordPress site.individual product page

What makes Etsy Pro unlike any other plugin is that it automatically generates individual product pages for each of your items.

With other plugins, you are able to show your listings. But the moment a website visitors sees something interesting and clicks on it, they’re sent off to Etsy.

With Etsy Pro, your site visitors can click on anything they want, and get all the product photos, descriptions, and shipping information right on your site.

Your visitors only leave your site when they’re ready to pay.

april“Shoppers get EASILY distracted by all the shiny buttons on Etsy and before they know it, they’ve clicked off of your handmade body scrub and are now shopping for ceramics. If you can keep people on your site longer, you’ll get closer to landing that sale. That’s why this plugin rules.”

–April, @blacksburgbelle

“Omg Stephanie, this is EXACTLY what I need! I didn’t even know something like this existed! A total answer to one of the biggest dilemmas I have had surrounding balancing storefront workload vs providing a cohesive customer experience… Thank you for making this!!!!”

–Connie, @FlyGirlBags

How to use it (No technical knowledge needed)

Most importantly, Etsy Pro is incredibly easy to install and use.

Etsy Pro will display your products on any page where you type in the shortcode: The Etsy Pro Shortcode into the editor.

To display a single section, you’ll simply type: The Etsy Pro Shortcode for Single Section.

(Just replace “section name” with the actual name of your Etsy product section.)

I hope by now I’ve convinced you that this is truly a piece of cake.

“I wanted to circle back around.. and let you (and anyone else on the fence) know that I purchased the plug-in for my shop. It’s perfect. Super easy to install. It’s worth every penny. In hindsight, I would pay double for this beauty. In about 5 minutes, I had my Etsy shop on my personal blog. I didn’t even have to read directions.”

–Taynia, @fiscalflamingo

Design and customization

Etsy Pro is designed to work with anyEtsy Pro WordPress Plugin ShowcaseWordPress theme. You just paste in the shortcode, and it will adjust to fit the space.

If you prefer to customize your look, on the Etsy Pro Settings page you can choose the size of your thumbnails and your choice of product page layout (vertical or horizontal). You can also decide whether you’d like your buttons to say “Add to Cart” or another phrase of your choosing.

If you desire something totally unique, the look and feel of Etsy Pro can be edited with just some basic CSS knowledge.

“Stephanie… this is great! I have clients with Etsy shops and I love an alternative to Etsy mini to offer them!!!”

–Suzi, @TweetSuzi

Thanks for helping my girlfriend get her business off the ground!

–Si, on behalf of RubyMaez

I am smitten! It couldn’t have been easier to set up and I’m no techy. Technical stuff makes my head hurt. This was extremely simple and Stephanie’s instructions were easy to follow. I finally have my shop on my site without having to set up a shopping cart. It’s like a blinged out bad-ass etsy mini.


You may be wondering if it’s worth it, after all… if etsy were to shut down your shop, it would be gone from your site too. Yep. That’s true. All you’re doing is showing your etsy shop on your site. You are STILL relying on etsy.

My answer is YES it is worth it. Now you can promote your products and send people to your site, not etsy. You can have offers in your sidebar. Customers can check out your blog. They can read up about you on your about page. They can sign up for you newsletter. And then when they’ve fallen in love with you and your products, they can check out through etsy.”

–Kelly, @kellyjsorenson { Read her full review here! }

“I could cry, people. Cry! Which is no great feat these days with my pregnancy hormones and all, but I have FINALLY found a solution to get all my shop items on my new website and it looks SO PRETTY! Yes, I know. It’s the little things that sets a girl off and gets her juices flowing. This has been a long, hard struggle for me since getting pregnant and not having the energy or focus I need to do what I’ve been wanting to. Thank you Fairground Media for making my night and quite possibly my year! Now, I can hopefully sleep tonight with one nagging thing checked off my list. It’s a big one!”

–Tommie, @OhMyGluestick


Notice: The Etsy Pro plugin has been replaced by Etsy 360

As of August 25, all the great things you heard about Etsy Pro and more are now in a plugin called Etsy 360. Click the button below to be taken to the Etsy 360 website.


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